About the Company

The food safety and environmental policy at AS Rakvere Lihakombinaat

– Our products always conform to the quality criteria set for them and do not present consumers with food safety risks.

– Food safety management in our company begins from the production of raw material and continues through the production process to the end consumer. Each link in the chain is responsible for fulfilling the established food safety related goals.

– Food safety is based on a functioning food safety and environmental management system, competent personnel, good hygiene practices, conformity to the requirements of legal and administrative norms, adequate information exchange, executing all undertaken duties and an uninterrupted cold chain.

– We ensure product safety through assessing the physical, chemical and microbiological hazards of raw material, the production process and of ready-made products, and through the control system based on the HACCP principles.

– We are customer-oriented and strive to make the lives of the consumers more convenient.

– Our activities are based on the principle of preventing environmental pollution and we continuously reduce relative load.

– The management ensures the continuous improvement of the food safety and environmental management system by assessing the effectiveness of the management system and keeping the system up to date.


October 2022

Markus Kirsberg

Chairman of the Board