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The food safety and environmental policy



Integrated Management System Policy scope and guiding principles

This HKScan Estonia Integrated Management System Policy defines the responsibilities and accountabilities of the food safety, environment, energy and occupational health and work safety management system. The policy is followed by all employees at all HKScan Estonia sites. The policy is available to all interested parties on the company’s website ( www.rakverelk.ee; www.tallegg.ee; www.miesnieks.lv)

HKScan Estonia acts and takes responsibility for the development of a well-functioning “farm to table” production chain, continuously striving to reduce the environmental impact of its processes, reduce energy consumption per unit of product, meet food safety requirements and ensure the well-being and health of employees in the work environment.

Guiding principles

  • We ensure product safety through risk assessment, prevention and a monitoring system based on HACCP principles for raw materials, production processes and finished products.
  • We are reliable and customer-focused and do not create food safety risks for consumers.
  • In occupational safety, we follow the guiding principles of Safety First, Better Together and a zero accident work safety culture. We all take responsibility, in partnership with our employees and management, for the risks, workplace accidents, preventive and corrective actions taken. Working together, we continuously monitor the consistent functioning of the safety at work culture.
  • We will reduce the environmental impacts of our significant environmental and energy aspects through the efficient use of resources and materials and the use of best available technology.
  • We ensure compliance with legislation and good practice. We contribute our practical knowledge to the development of legislation.
  • Complying with data protection (GPDR) requirements.
  • We continuously improve, collaborate and share our knowledge on food safety, the environment, energy and the working environment, and influence staff, suppliers, customers and consumers and other third parties to apply them through proper communication.
  • We require our suppliers and partners, as well as third parties, to comply with relevant food safety, environmental, energy and occupational safety requirements.
  • In our purchasing, we prefer energy-efficient products and services
  • The company aims to achieve a carbon-neutral food chain by 2040.
  • We continuously improve our management system and develop our operations to ensure customer satisfaction, environmental and energy efficiency and the occupational safety of our employees.


February 2023

Markus Kirsberg
EVP Business Unit Baltics (Interim)