About the Company

Policy on food safety and environment

The integrated management system policy of HKScan Estonia (hereinafter referred to as IMS policy) is based on policies of the HKScan group.

Scope and objectives of the IMS policy

This IMS policy of HKScan Estonia defines:

the obligations and responsibilities of the management regarding food safety, environment, and occupational health and safety. The policy must be followed by all employees on all sites of HKScan Estonia.

HKScan Estonia aims to develop a well working so called farm to table production chain, which means that the company is constantly working on decreasing the effect its processes have on the environment by fulfilling the requirements set for food safety and by ensuring the well being and health of its employees.


  • To ensure the safety of our products by evaluating and avoiding the hazards in basic products, production process, and ready-to-use products, as well as by using an HACCP based monitoring system.
  • To be trustworthy and client-centred and avoid causing food safety risks for consumers.
  • To ensure the safety of our employees by evaluating the risks in the working environment and to take appropriate measures and preventative action to avoid damage to the environment and to the health of our employees.
  • To reduce the impact of various factors to the environment by using resources and materials efficiently and by taking advantage of the best possible technology.
  • To ensure that legislative acts are adhered to and good practice is followed. To contribute to drawing up legislation using our knowhow.
  • To improve and share our knowledge on food safety, environment and working environment and to encourage our personnel, suppliers, clients and consumers to use it.
  • To demand the fulfilment of relevant food safety, environment and safety requirements from our suppliers and partners.
  • To ensure constant improvement of the management system by evaluating its efficiency and keeping it up to date.

The management of HKScan is responsible for planning activities and resources in a way that ensures food safety, keeps the environment clean and makes all stages of the working environment safe.

Teet Soorm
Chairman of the Board
10th November 2014