HKScan opened an online environment aimed at HoReCa clients

24. May 2023

At the beginning of April, HKScan opened a website aimed at HoReCa clients, namely, with which the clients operating in the HoReCa sector can conveniently place orders, find detailed product information and product images, search and filter products using the so-called product tree, get acquainted with recipes, and view news and information about the company.

In addition to the English website, the Estonian version of the website is now up at, and we can develop Latvian and Lithuanian homepages as the next step. HoReCa sales manager Elin Paimets says that the idea and the need for such a page arose some time ago, in order to give a good overview of the products offered to HoReCa clients, in a simple and user-friendly way. “In most cases, HoReCa packages are bulky products intended for large kitchens and catering clients. Looking back over the last year, we have been on a growing trend in Horeca sales. We want to continue growing by offering our clients products and services that meet their needs. Therefore, we are constantly trying to contribute to the HoReCa sector by creating new developments in the form of products and services we offer. We believe that the new website is a step forward in this regard. We see it as advantageous that you can enjoy dishes made from Estonian pork and chicken even while dining out.

“The main clients of our HoReCa segment are wholesalers and distributors, manufacturing companies, large kitchens, gas station chains, ships, fast food and naturally hotels, restaurants, caterers,” Elin gives examples of the scale of the field. “The client can get a complete overview of the Horeca products we offer, from a single webpage. This includes the nutritional value, the product photo and other additional information about the products. You can also find Meat School (Lihakool) on the page, which lets you find out which product is made from which piece of an animal. There is also a very convenient option of filtering by category – for example, fresh meat, minced meat, shashlik, salamis, etc. It is important for a catering client to constantly offer new flavours and a varied menu, which is why we have also added recipes to the page. An important new option for our clients is placing an order through the order form,” Elin says while giving an overview of the possibilities of the website and the way it offers ease of use to the client. Also, orders reach the customer service through a specific form, which helps them in processing the orders.

For HoReCa clients, not only the quality of the product but also the size and design of the package, and of course the brand and origin of the product are very important. “With Tallegg and Rakvere brands, clients can always be sure of the quality and origin of the products. We want Estonian raw materials and good flavours to also reach people who dine outside their home. Compared to the year before, which was still overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic, the year 2022 was on the rise in the HoReCa sector. This is also the case in our company. We contribute to the sector by manufacturing products in bulk packaging designed for convenient use by the client. Considering the wishes of our clients, we are also ready to develop the desired product for a client,” says Elin.

The address of the HoReCa website in Estonian –