About the Company

The history of the meat processing plant named Rakvere lihakombinaat dates back as far as 130 years, into the year 1890, when the first slaughterhouse in the town of Rakvere was opened. In 1944, the sausage factories of Bauman and Schenkel were merged with the slaughterhouse and the resulting company was named Rakvere Lihakombinaat.

In 1963, the meat processing plants of the towns of Narva and Kohtla-Järve were merged with the company in turn. 24 years later, in 1987, a Finnish construction company named Suomen Rakennusvienti began building a new production facility and three years later the largest and most modern meat processing plant in the Baltic states was complete. Rakvere lihakombinaat still holds this position of being the largest and most modern.

Why are Estonian men so hard-working and strong and Estonian women so active and beautiful?

Estonian men are known as hard workers and being romantic. Estonian women, on the other hand, are known for their beauty and liveliness. But why are Estonian men so strong and the women so beautiful? Because Estonian men know that muscles grow on meat. And Estonian women know that it is not beauty but meat that relieves hunger. Making sure that every Estonian would always have meat on their table and that no important tasks would be left undone is exactly what Rakvere lihakombinaat has been doing for the past 130 years.

We want every woman to have what it takes to feed at least seven children and a man. We want every man to have the strength to work like a dog and to father at least seven children. We want every Estonian to get a strong meal made from Estonian pork every day.

Muscles grow on meat!

The most famous strongman and wrestler of Estonia, Georg Lurich, who has more than 40 world records to his name, could lift 317,5 kg using just one hand, which equals to five grown men. Lurich himself has recalled that using both of his hands he could lift 33 kg at the age of seven and 82 kg at the age of ten, using just one hand to do so.

Aleksander Aberg, an Estonian strongman and wrestler born in Kolga, a multiple world champion in wrestling and Lurich's brother-in-law. As early as at the age of 18, Aberg could lift 100 kg using his right hand and by the time he was 19 he could lift 50 kg with his right hand 50 times. In 1908, Aberg was arrested for hitting a street sweeper. Namely, Aberg had seen the sweeper torture a cat. Being an animal-lover, Aberg interfered and did to the sweeper what the latter had done to the cat. Aberg was given a four-day jail sentence.

Georg Lurich demostrated his strength in 1909 in Caucasia with two camels of the Bukhara emir. The camels could not pull Lurich's arms apart and he got to keep the camels to himself.

A vacation does not have to mean loafing.

Great-aunt Eevi and her sister Loviise in Narva-Jõesuu in August 1936 doing a warmup before taking a dip.

In 1927 the yield of rye was good. Mother had to work a good few hours to get the sacks all stacked.