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Rakvere surprised with the new slogan and updated logo

23. January 2023

In 2022 several updates were carried out among the lines of HKScan’s Baltic brands. Rakvere was also affected by the innovations. Its long-term (used for more than ten years) slogan “Belly full Estonian style” is now replaced by “The taste that unites!” Rakvere is undergoing an update process and the new slogan is one of the first steps towards a major brand renewal.

Janne Laik-Lõhmus, Product Development and Marketing Director of HKScan Baltics, explains that the basis of innovations is mainly updating the existing one, not changing it. “We have to see from time to time whether our daily activities are reflected in what we say and do. The new slogan is a kind of follow-up of the previous one. However, the new slogan conveys even more what we stand for and what we define our brand by – i.e. taste. The taste that unites us. We have a very clear principle to make decisions in product development only with the best taste in mind. As Estonia’s largest and best-known meat brand, it’s the taste that we don’t want to play with.” Janne adds that as a strategic decision, even in difficult times, the taste is not compromised and the classic recipes are left untouched.

The logo was updated hand in hand with the brand slogan and visual brand language to ensure a correct whole. The main elements of the logo did not change, but became simplified, more specific and clearly defined.

In addition to the updated logo, Rakvere also has completely new advertising clips that can be viewed on RakvereLK’s official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RakvereLK/videos

Rakvere is Estonia’s best-known food producer, which is also confirmed by the Consumer Behaviour Monitoring 2022 study conducted by EMOR at the end of the year.
We are taking clear steps in the direction of moving closer to consumers as the consumer and environmentally friendly brand which product range has the best flavours always at the top of the list by offering all consumers a product they like. Consequently, our clear focus when developing new products is a versatile selection of flavours, optimal package sizes, changing consumer purchasing power as well as environmentally friendly options. We have also modernized (and are currently modernizing) our advertising language both in the media and on the packaging.

In addition, every year EMOR conducts a survey of the most pleasant food brands in Estonia, where Rakvere rose to the 3rd place overall in the TOP of pleasantness as a brand this year. In terms of nationalities Rakvere jumped from the 10th place to 4th among Estonians and for the first time this year it became the leader of the TOP among other nationalities, surpassing Kalev, which has been leading the overall table so far.

“We operate based on the principle that when a crisis comes, we will not lose the market and we will not hide. In 2022 we invested the most to the brand development and innovations and we will continue with brand innovations this year as well. I believe that the crises have made us all stronger and shown that strength should be maintained and cuts should be reasonable. The corona period showed the attitudes of brands very well. I think that before the crisis people were well educated on the topic of what high-quality food is and what the factors are, how to understand that food is clean. People are more frugal in terms of quantity, but not in quality. The changes across product categories are clearly noticeable. All these changes were also a very clear guide in the development of our past fall-winter products. The 2023 innovations have been also clearly influenced by the market situation we are in at the moment. The food producer and consumer are like a couple – every day together and not disappearing in difficult times, we become better only together,” Janne Laik-Lõhmus comments.

In 2023 Rakvere will launch new flavours to the market as well as environmentally friendly and practical innovations in the form of packaging.