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The Estonian best meat product 2023 is Rakvere Ürt & Grill meat on skewers in rhubarb-mint marinade

29. March 2023

The Estonian best meat product 2023 is rhubarb-mint meat on skewers from Rakvere Ürt & Grill. It is a unique recipe, with hand-cut pork neck chops in a dry marinade with special and genuine seasoning, the meat content of which is as much as 95%. Natural rhubarb puree 2.5%, lemon juice, spearmint and other herbs meet in a crisp marinade. A truly unique and refreshing new product for the beginning of the barbecue season.

HKScan Baltic Product Development and Marketing Director Janne Laik-Lõhmus is very pleased with the title of the best meat product. “We did it again! For the second year in a row we won the award for the best meat product in Estonia. At the beginning of last year we presented Ürt & Grill as a new premium concept for retail chains. The series of barbecue meats with a unique recipe, involving a special and authentic taste by dry marinade – local, known and trendy marinade ingredients. Among those presented at that moment, the rhubarb-mint marinade immediately became a favourite.

The magazine “Oma Maitse“ named this product the best warm meat product in 2022 and the relevant labelling will also decorate our packaging in the new season. What else can I say but it is another proof that we create and produce the best flavours. It is this good taste that unites us. Here’s a sincere round of applause for the two creators of the product – category and brand manager Tiina Stint and product developer Rando Veberson, great job! Enjoy the nice soon-to-be-started barbecue season with the winning product!“ wishes Janne.

The silver badges of the Estonian Best Food Competition were distributed in a total of 11 categories.

Read the press release of the Food Industry Association here https://toiduliit.ee/