About us

Rakvere is the best-known and most beloved Estonian meat and meat product brand.

Rakvere believes in a balanced healthy diet in which meat dishes play an important role. The delight provided by tasty traditional food that has been prepared taking the taste preferences of Estonian people into consideration is the supreme goal of Rakvere.
Rakvere believes that Estonia would be a better place if the traditions of eating together were held in high regard. Rakvere is doing everything to aid this goal – tasty food unites people, makes family members and friends gather around the dinner table and strengthens ties between family and friends.

The Estonian Pork quality mark shows that the products of the Rakvere have been prepared from good and high-quality meat of Estonian-raised pigs. Rakvere has 24 pig farms all over Estonia – we provide jobs for Estonian pig farmers as well as grain farmers and fodder producers. That helps to develop the economy in rural Estonian areas. Most importantly, this ensures that Estonian tables are always filled with the freshest and highest-quality domestic pork. And Estonians have always loved pork, whether for festive occasions or just to accompany bread during everyday meals.

The Estonian climate is suitable for raising pigs and they grow well, therefore pig-farming offers Estonians jobs and helps to sustain life in rural areas. In addition to pig-farmers, it also supplies, for example, Estonian grain farmers and fodder producers who produce most of the pigs’ food.